The aim of this blog is to uncover and present TRUE STORIES of Human Trafficking and debt bondage in all its forms. We are seeking stories of victims "jammed" in slavery, of perpetrators of this crime, stories of efforts to help victims; of individuals moving to change policy, and stories of misguided efforts to help that have done further damage … in the hope that the telling of these personal stories will highlight the reality and complexity of this heinous practice, and shed light on the need for action on many fronts. Our vision is to finance this project through sponsorship and donations so that we can make the films freely available to everyone, everywhere for advocacy, campaigning, education and calls to action.

Following on from the feature film THE JAMMED we intend to select a series of stories from those posted on this blog, and produce a dramatised series of short stories

THE JAMMED is a feature film inspired by court transcripts about sex slavery and deportation in
Australia - ( The number of women and children trafficked into sexual servitude (slavery) and debt bondage is impossible to quantify, but it is estimated that between 700,000 to 4 million people are trafficked around the world annually for sexual exploitation.

This is a call for your stories.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Price of a Woman?

"One day when I was 17, I went to my cousin’s wedding party. He said he could offer me a good job. I went with him to a hotel and there he raped me in front of a dozen people. For 15 days he kept me at this hotel in Hetquda [Nepal]. Then we left for India. In Rakswal, India, my cousin gave me some tea with pop rice, which made me very drowsy and he told the Indian police that I was his sick wife and he was taking me to India for treatment. He also tortured me with a knife and burnt me with cigarette butts and threatened me saying that I should not talk to anybody on the way. When we reached Pilas, I was taken to a building where I saw many other ladies in vulgar clothes with short skirts. I was amazed. From the other girls I came to know that I had been trafficked."
This is the testimony of Thuli, a young girl from Nepal who was trafficked to India and sold into prostitution for Rs 35,000, the equivalent of $720. Thuli’s blacksmith family is considered low-caste, and their poverty kept her from attending school as a young child. Intrigued by the promise of good pay, Thuli’s desire to improve her economic situation led to a period of forced labor in an Indian brothel where she worked 18 hours a day for no pay, having unprotected sex with up to 15 clients a day. She describes being physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by her brothel owner and the clients she was forced to serve. On one occasion, her identity was hidden from Nepalese police who were conducting an inspection of the facility, and later, it was only after the help of a health worker that Thuli was removed from the brothel and taken home to her family in Nepal.

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